Syria thrash Lebanon 3-0 as bitter Lebanese fans pelt stones at rival supporters

The match between Syria and Lebanon for the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier had been suspended multiple times due to riots inside the stadium and outside. After the violence broke out at the Saida Municipal Stadium in Sidon, the referee and both teams left the field. As soon as the stadium had been cleared of fans, the Qatari referee resumed play about 30 minutes later – with heavy security on hand – for the last few minutes of the game.

Syria thrash Lebanon 3-0 as bitter Lebanese fans pelt stones at rival supportersHaving displayed excellent football skills, Syria won the match 3-0, denying the Lebanon team any chance to win. The Syrian national team’s first win of this round of qualifying was secured by three goals in the first half by Syrians Alaa Al Dali, Mardik Mardikian, and Mohammad Al Marmour.

Abu Dhabi Sports TV’s commentator said on a live broadcast of the match that some Lebanese fans appeared to be throwing bottles at their Syrian counterparts as they became frustrated with their team’s performance. As Lebanese security forces attempted to break up the clashes, footage recorded on social media showed Lebanese fans hurling stones outside of the stadium.

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